DIGITAL TEAMS works on a simple principle, you buy credits, whose unit cost varies accoding to the packages offered (see below), and then use them freely for the implementation of the desired animations. The more credit you buy, the  lower their unit cost.

These credits are then available on your account, and you can use them whenever you want for 1 year. Each game requires a specific number of credits, applicable per person. For your informtion, the everage price of a game is 10 credits per person.

Our packages 

- Purchase of 0 to 100 credits: €5 exclude VAT/credit

- Purchase of 101 to 250 credits: €4.50 exclude VAT/credit

- Purchase of 251 to 1000 credits:  €4 exclude VAT/credit

- Purchase of 1001 to 3000 credits: €3 exclude VAT/credit

Example: For the implementation of the game 3.0 mission for a group of 20 people, it is necessary to buy 180 credits (20 people x 9 credits). The purchase cost is thus 180 credits x 4.50€ tax exlude = 810€ tax exclude.