How to calculate the number of credits required?

Each game in our catalog highlights the number of credits per person needed. Then you just have to multiply the number of participants to know how many credits are needed.

How long can the purchased credit used?

Credits purchased have a validity period of 1 year. They can therefore be used at any time during this period which begins on the day of their purchase.

Is it possible to cancel a game once it is scheduled?

Yes, you can cancel or change a game scheduled until 24:00 before the event.

What are the authorized means of payment?

You can buy your credit online by credit card or by bank transfer.

Do I have to create an account to play?

Yes, because to play you need credits and to have them you have to create an account (free).

What is the minimum number of participants to play?

The billing minimum to plan one of your games is the equivalent in credits of 4 participants, but technically you can play from 2 people (which will cost you the price of 4)