Murder Party


A police investigation close to a giant Cluedo, through which you will have to question the various suspects apprehended. A young model has been murdered, it's up to you to find the guilty, the murder weapon and her motive.

Difficulty: ***     l       Fun: ***         l        Duration: 1h30


Using modern means of videoconferencing and information sharing, the participants will have to solve this online investigation and find the guilty of this crime

Based on the scenario presented to them, they will be able to question the  various suspects, whose interrogation records will be available on video. They will collectively analyze all the elements collected during the challenge to solve the mystery.

Each team will have to be consistent and cohesive in order to optimize its work and give the name of the murderer, his motive and the  weapon used.

The Pitch:

Violette Leduc, called Viola, 26 years old, plastic dream, 95 x 62 x 90! Featured model from MAEVA agency, she was found dead at home, in a small outfit, failling across the bed. Her bathrobe was on the floor between the bathroom and the bedroom. Falling from the beside table next to her bed, we discovered a massive silver candle 30 centimeters high.

Who kiled Violette? With what weapon and what was the motive of the assassin?

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Murder Party